Mohamed Shawaqi

Calligrapher, Mohamed Shawaqi had born on the shores of Black Sea in 1244 AH, then he moved to Istanbul. Along with his attainment in the school, he used to go to his uncle, the calligrapher Mohamed Khalwsi Afandy who was talent in calligraphy art, and taught many calligraphers. Mohamed Shawaqi learned from him Thuluth, Naskh and Ruq‘ah then he gained his license.

He invented his own style which inspired from the works of the best calligraphers such as Hafez Othmanm, Ismial Zuhadi and Mustafa Raqam.

Shawaqi Afandy deserved the reputation he gained as his calligraphies with high quality and accuracy and caring to the details. Sometimes, he exaggerated, but his calligraphies were attractive and easy-moving, so his close friend, Sami Afandy showed his professionalism by saying “Shawaqi don’t spoil handwritings even if he wants that”.

Shawaqi Afandy taught Ruq‘ah script in the Military School. He also taught children of Sultan Abd Hamid II calligraphy in the same time.

Shawaqi Afandy had passed away in 1304 AH and has been buried in Istanbul. Calligraphers such as Aref Afandy and Fahmi Afandy are of the best students who learned from Shawaqi Afandy.

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