Josur Project

  • International Jusur Project is a civilizational method that is being launched from the land of two holy mosques, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to all over the world through one of the most important and latest showing tools, mobileinternational exhibitions.
  • Innovative model which collects the best international outputs to build exhibitions using the best practices inn marketing and public relations to mange and present civilizations and cultures attractively.
  • Jusur is a civilizational project that aims at enhancing communications between civilizations and filling the gapss wherein.


  • It aims at introducing the Arabic and Islamic civilizations and showing its contributions as a key platform for thee modern scientific renaissance.
  • Jusur is peerless faces for the mobile international exhibitions, which uses an unbiased and illustrative style to sharee the culture of the hosting country, and shows the hidden implications and remove ambiguities and confusions accumulated by time.
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