Rashidun Caliphs Era

Announcement Date: 15 December، 2016

Community has been developed significantly during Rashidun Caliphs era, which led to writing registrations and books giving calligraphy this great position. Therefore, the fourth Caliph, Ali Bin abi Taleb – May Allah be pleased with him- urged people to improve and master handwriting

By the end of Rashidun Caliphate, calligraphy became a well-known art and science with its own rules and principles, and then it has been developed to spread out from Arabian Peninsula to eastern, western and northern areas.

When deviation of pronunciation appeared, Ali Ibn Abi Talib -May Allah be pleased with him- decided to draft the rules of Arabic language. Previously, they didn’t need such rules as their utterance and pronunciation of language were in place, so he asked Abu al-Aswad al-Du’ali to draft the rules of Arabic grammar (Nahw).


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