Abbasid Caliphate Era

Announcement Date: 16 December، 2016

Calligraphers and artists have seen Baghdad, capital of Abbasid Caliphate as their destination, so calligraphers as well as scholars and authors travelled there.

Two calligraphers, Dahak Ben Ajlan and Esshaq Ben Hammad have become well known. Arabic calligraphy reached to 11 scripts.

In eras of Al Rasheed and Al-Ma’mun, calligraphers mastered and competed in calligraphy, so scripts became more than 20 ones. Before the third century ended, Youf Al Shagri has created new script called Greater Circular script that was appreciated by Al Fadhal Ben Suhial, minster of Al-Ma’mun, so he started to use this script in all royal writings issued by the Caliphate court. That why it called “Presidential script”. However, this script was known by the public as Tawqee Script (signature). The calligrapher, Al-Awal Al- Muhrar al-Barmaki has learned from Ibrahim Al Shagri, and then he invented a new script called “Al-Nesf” script from which other new scripts have been invented later.

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